What Happened To The Godfather Script Featured On Pawn Stars?

The Pawn Stars episode features a woman from the Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada thrift shop who brings in the leather-bound script hoping to raise money for the charity. The Harrisons call in John Reznikoff to authenticate that the signature was truly that of the movie’s star, Al Pacino, as the customer suspected. After analyzing the autograph, Reznikoff agrees that it was Pacino’s signature, and suggests that the signed script would be worth $2,000. Based on Reznikoff’s recommendation, the shop offers the customer $500 for the item, which she declines. As Reality TV World notes, she decided to put the autographed script up for auction in an attempt to get more money for it.

However, the signature would later turn out to be that of the movie’s producer, Al Ruddy, which actually made the autographed script way more valuable than the guys from Pawn Stars thought.